Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cindy Jiang secures a Summer Internship with AIG

My name is Cindy Jiang and I am a second year Political Economy student at the University of Birmingham. The “IT’s not just for the boys” was a great and inspiring event which has highly influences my professional life plans. Through personal searches and various companies I have met on campus throughout my first year I slowly developed an interest in IT. My knowledge of technology is quite limited in regards to coding or logistics but I have already been fascinated in the challenging and innovative industry of IT.  This event was the perfect opportunity for me to go outside my comfort zone and learn more about the various positions and schemes some IT related companies had to offer.

Targetjobs requested an application to filter only the highly motivated and interested students to the event. The application process went smoothly, with firstly an online submission form of CV and a few answers on the reasons which inspired me to attend the event. Having passed this stage, I was selected for an interview- which again I had to prepare for, but wasn’t too difficult- It was important to demonstrate your true interest to the event. I personally really enjoy these events as you are able to meet many representatives from companies you have barely/never heard of and many other likeminded students. The event was very well organized with incredibly friendly members of Target jobs and also company representatives. It was held in the fascinating Bloomberg offices in London, in a conference room with superb facilities. The day started with the amazing guest speaker Kate Taylor (an empowerment coach) and followed by many activities which involved team challenges and also networking sessions. During a networking session I was able to meet a representative from AIG working in an industry I was very unfamiliar with, insurance. Through this conversation I have learned a lot on the insurance industry, but more precisely about AIG. I had the chance to talk with a human resource member of the company who has outlined the various positions they have to offer to undergraduates. As I seem to have been sharing the right sets of skills with one of their positions, I was highly recommended to apply to a scheme which would allow me to gain a real insight into this industry. Throughout this event I was also able to meet recent graduates which joined the various companies which joined us for the event. I was able to assimilate with them and learn more about their respective roles. I was able to compare and make my own ideas of which companies and areas I would most likely see myself working in. Following this day I continued doing some research by myself and have sent my application for a summer internship with AIG. I have successfully passed the online application process and was kindly invited for an assessment day a few months later.

All these events followed up very quickly and I have now secured a Commercial Underwriting Summer Internship with AIG for summer 2017.

I would highly recommend students who are still unsure of their future career path to be curious and attend as many interesting events as they can. Years go by quickly, so make the most of it, meet employees and develop new skills- it is always in your advantage!