Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to TARGETjobs Bloggers

Hello and welcome to TARGETjobs Bloggers. This is your chance to share your experiences, funny stories, and words of wisdom as a student or recent graduate.  Through TARGETjobs Bloggers you will have the opportunity to share stories and tips to help others in their graduate job hunt, in search for work experience or even help others to plan their gap years.

This is your chance to connect with us and each other and to start sharing. A little help can go a long way, especially in this recruitment climate.
We already have some great bloggers lined up for you, some have already been involved with us and I am really looking forward to reading their posts.

This week find out how Michael Palmer, recent MA history graduate from the University of Liverpool, bagged himself his first job as an off page SEO Consultant and defied convention on what you can do with a history degree.

You will also get to know Elizabeth Adeniran, finance and accounting graduate, as she tells us her story so far since graduating.

Another great post to watch out for will be Joe Levi’s blog, in which he will share his story about starting his own business, Student Money Saver, and the challenges he had to overcome.

We also have a journey to follow with Jos Canavan as she writes about her decision to embark on a career in marketing and how she is overcoming challenges and fighting hard to get into the sector.

Finally we have our very own Marketing Assistant, Louisa Smith, who recently joined after graduating from Warwick University. She will be sharing her story of how she got her first full-time job with us and her previous experience. 

I hope that like me you are excited to read these and many others. If you have something you want to share and want to help others achieve their ambitions or simply want to make someone laugh with funny anecdotes about your gap year experience, trials and tribulations of getting a graduate job or work experience, please get in touch with me at

Happy blogging. J

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