Friday, March 23, 2012

TARGETjobs news roundup

Afternoon, how’s it going? We’re alright, you alright? It’s been a good week here at TARGETjobs HQ, and we have plenty to tell you about. This is the TARGETjobs news roundup; it happens every week right here. If you want to know what’s going on in the world of graduate recruitment, this is where to find out.

As ever we’ll start by looking at the sectors. We've got everything from chemicals to law here, but Engineering is leading the way with some very interesting stories for anyone who wants to get a job in that sector:

  • Kicking things off with some good news, MG Motor is announcing a brand new graduate scheme. It will take ten recruits two years to complete, and will help them work towards chartered status.
  • But if you’re thinking of applying to work for a classic car company, be careful around Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce plc is a completely separate entity from Rolls-Royce Motor cars, and they aren’t best pleased when potential recruits confuse them.
  • In a late entry we're also telling you all about the engineering graduates schemes that haven't closed yet. Obviously these may close when they have enough applicants so don't dawdle. But equally, make sure you read our article on dodgy applications for TARGETjobs positions before you copy+paste any old thing.
Of course, it isn’t all about engineering this week. There are plenty of interesting developments happening in a whole load of other sectors as well:
If you’re not interested in those sectors, there’s still plenty for you to see and do. Some of it should be required reading and the rest will be a massive help:

  • Rounding off the first 5 of our top 10 skills and competencies, we told you all about leadership and team management, and how you can go about getting them.
  • We also dished the dirt on dodgy applications for TARGETjobs graduate positions. A lot of graduate employers have the same gripes, but not all of them have an outlet to tell you off for your mistakes. If you haven’t been getting interest, this may be why.
  • Finally, we ran you through the roundup of this week’s graduate job deadlines. There are plenty of positions in there, with everything from tobacco to technology. Do you want a job? You do? Then this is what you’ve been waiting for. Check out the latest jobs here.
To get graduate careers news as it happens, check out the TARGETjobs news feed. Alternatively, check out the roundup this time next week!

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