Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Fever

Nikki, our marketing temp, is back with her last blog. This week she is talking about her feeling of the Olympics. (Hope everyone is enjoying them).

My third week at TARGETjobs was made much better by the fact that we were finally graced with some nice weather, which has been ideal for enjoying the sun in the lovely park at lunchtime. The Olympics has begun and of course this means the sun has decided it’s given us our week allowance of hot weather and disappeared. Friday when it all kicked off everyone had the Olympic bug, from an early morning unnamed popular radio show making people honk their horns all round the UK to Big Ben chiming away in London

When it comes to the games I think people fall into one of two categories its very much like marmite, you’ve either got those little GB flags on your car wing mirrors embracing every second or you are trying to get a last minute flight far far away to somewhere that’s hot for longer than one week a year. Personally being an avid sports fan everyday of the year I am quite the enthusiast of this spectacular event, (although not to the extent of publicly showing it on my car) and intend on watching as much as possible.

Britain obviously has very big shoes to fill when it comes to the previous event being held in Beijing with immaculate precision and wonder. But I feel so far the UK has done us proud, the opening ceremony certainly did not fail to impress, directed by Danny Boyle, it was certainly a miraculous and pertinent show. 

A few people will always exaggerate the mistakes that have been made, but in such a huge event as this a few teething problems are to be expected. First the security company failing to provide enough staff, but then immediately there was a contingency plan in place. And secondly in the women’s football, granted the error with the flags couldn’t have possibly happened to a worse country but if South Korea can forgive and forget surely we shouldn’t dwell on it. The torch relay however has been orchestrated with exceptional control and unprecedented support and success. It was, I am sure for most of us that lined the streets to watch it briefly bob past, something of an anticlimax, done purely to say in years to come that you did it but nonetheless it was something that is part of the history that is currently being made here in the UK.

It is obviously much easier for someone like me situated out in the countryside to enjoy the Olympics from the comfort of my own home and my traffic free country lanes. Sympathy does go out for the few Londoners, such as electricians who have no choice but to add at least an extra hour on their journey to get to work. I imagine they are the people trying to get out of London during these two weeks when it’s expecting an extra 1 million visitors each day. But all in all I think there is only one way of dealing with the negatives of the Olympics and that is to simply just embrace it and enjoy all of the positives.

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