Thursday, October 4, 2012

BBC Free Speech

Last night we were invited by BBC Free Speech to be part of their live audience as a thank you for promoting their shows over the past couple of months. And as they were touring locally to us we were more than happy to take part. So off I went with our Marketing and Media sector editor, and news-roundup blogger Ross Wittenham.

For those of you who don’t know BBC Free Speech is a touring live TV show created similarly to Question Time but for a younger audience and every month covers topics that are affecting us (yes I still count as a young person) on a day-to-day basis.

This month the show’s main topic was on immigration. Also covered were Nick Clegg’s apology, arming British police and whether page 3 models in The Sun should be banned.

For someone working in the graduate recruitment industry the main topic that was of particular interest to me was immigration and how it affects youth unemployment. It was really informative but also very interesting to hear that many current students find that non UK citizens are taking “their” jobs and I was surprised to hear that 75% of people want immigration in to the UK to be reduced with many suggesting a cap should be enforced.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think that immigration should be capped? Or do you take the view point that anyone is welcomed? Do you think that non UK citizens have affected your chances of getting a part-time job? Or even your graduate job?

And on the other hand if you are a non-UK current student how does this idea that immigration should be capped make you feel?

The other topic of most interest for me was tuition fees

Not having been affected by this myself it is easier for me to say ‘Going to university is still worth the money’ but how do you feel about this?

If you are a first year this year have the higher fees made you think much harder about your university options? Have you chosen a university that is closer to home to save money on accommodation?

Perhaps, the higher tuition fees may deter those that go to university for ‘something do’ and the benefit could be that there will be a smaller pool of graduates in the future competing for the same job. So could higher tuition fees make the graduate recruitment market less competitive?

Or are people missing out on roles due to the higher fees, in which will there be a higher demand for apprenticeships? Are you aware of what schemes are currently out there?

There is lots of food for thought here, and I was really pleased to be part of such a great program and to see so many young people getting involved and discussing some very real and potentially life changing decisions being made by the Government and taking such an engaged and passionate approach to their life. 

Thanks for reading, 

TARGETjobs Online Marketing Exec.