Monday, May 13, 2013

How to climb that executive ladder

Climbing up the executive ladder is never going to be easy, but there are ways that can give you a better chance of achieving your goal.

It's human nature to keep on striving for success, rather than settling for staying in the same position for thirty years. But, some people are not only more ambitious than others, they also do the right things to make sure that their career prospects are enhanced.

Show That You Care About Doing Your Job

Do all the right things at the place that you currently work. Whether that's happily arriving early, or staying in the office till a job is completed, don't plod along and get a job done on a set day if that job can easily be completed a day earlier. Also volunteer to undertake work some of your fellow employees don't seem so keen to do. These are examples that can show a company that you are not just happy to do as much as you need to earn your wages. Also dress appropriately, and pay attention to the fact that a scruffy appearance will not reflect too well on the company.

Show Respect and Be Respected

Keep on good terms with fellow workers and employers, and generally treat people with respect and kindness. Don't be afraid to disagree, but do so in a non-aggressive manner. If you are seen as a person who can get on well with everyone, but without also being a pushover, this makes the task of offering you a better position that much easier. Strength and resolve, combined with good communication skills and a likeable nature, are favourable attributes for anyone to have - especially when looking to advance their careers.

Don't Push Too Hard

Don't be too pushy, and begin to think that you are irreplaceable. Nobody is. If you think that you deserve a promotion, just look at the type of work a promotion would involve, and subtly suggest that some of your other skills include those that would also be useful in a new position. Not all your skills may be known, so don't be shy about sharing this knowledge with employers.

Be Humble and Honest

Be willing to ask for help, and be honest about your abilities and mistakes. Don't try and take on a task that you can't do, because mistakes can cost time and money, and you may undermine your own confidence if you do make mistakes. If you have a reputation for being honest, then you will also be more respected among employees and workers alike. Honesty is another valuable aid to climbing the executive ladder.

Never Stop Learning

Keep learning. If you display a willingness to learn and to improve this will go down well with bosses, and indicate dedication. If you don't seem to show ambition, then it will be hard for anyone to show faith in you when people are considered for promotion. Drive is always going to be a necessary part of job success.

Georgina Stamp has worked in the executive search business for a number of years and has met successful candidates whilst recruiting for various international and local organisations. She currently works for Marble Hill Partners, who help provide interim management.

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