Thursday, January 29, 2015

Interview Basics: Look Smart.. Think Smart... Dress Smart!

Have you ever heard the saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression? 

We all know that in general life, looks are not everything. But when it comes to your job interview, they are. When you are meeting a recruiter for the first time, making a good first impression is crucial. You want the image they have of you to last! By dressing smart, you will show recruiters that you are in fact determined and professional. 

It is common knowledge that people tend to form an opinion of someone within a few seconds of meeting, so you need to make sure your appearance  works in your favour by dressing the part and presenting yourself in the best possible way.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to offer our insight to help you make the right fashion choices when deciding on your interview outfit. 

How should you dress for job interviews?
First of all, imagine what you would wear if you successfully got the job and were going to be introduced to important clients. The safest bet is a business-like dark suit, perhaps in navy or charcoal grey, with a light-coloured shirt. 

You want your interviewer to remember you, not your clothes, accessories or scent. This is not a time to experiment with bold patterns, clashing colours, hats or dramatic jewellery, unless of course you are attending an interview where your individual sense of style is a selling point. I know looking conventional can seem boring, but you want to be taken seriously and look like the business person you are. 

*Note to self: Look as clean and tidy as possible... your hair should be tidy, and piercings and tattoos should be covered up.

Different industries have slightly different dress codes, so there is no harm in asking your recruiter what the formality is so you're aware and ready. 

Interview style tips for men
Many recruiters would suggest clean shaven is the best look. However, if you're in fact sporting a beard or stubble, ensure that it is trimmed and neatly presented. You do not want to lose your chance because you have decided not to tidy your facial hair. 

The short haired look is the safest bet, make sure it is tidy and styled. However if you have long hair, tying it up so it is out of your face is most appropriate.

In terms of fashion, wear a dark smart suit and make sure your shirt is ironed. 

Interview style tips for women
Keep your makeup more natural and low key. It is not a good look to wear a face full of makeup as it does not look professional. (Try to keep your night out looks out of the work place)

Ensure that your clothes are not too revealing, no low cut tops or short skirts. I would suggest smart trousers or knee length skirts are  better suited and acceptable. 

Hair should be under control and off your face. If it is long or unruly you might want to consider putting it up. 

*Note to self: Do not fiddle with your hair during your interview, it looks unprofessional and distracting. 

I hope this helps when you're looking for the perfect interview outfit! 

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