Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Got yourself a space at the next IT's not just for the boys! event? Read Chelsea's top five tips!

Name: Chelsea Sievewright
University: University of Abertay Dundee
Degree: Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures

My top five tips for attending IT's not just for the boys!

If you've secured a place at IT's not just for the boys then you'll find these tips useful in your preparation for the day.  I've attended 3 times and managed to make some great contacts and I also bagged an internship with PGDS!

1. Do your homework
You're getting a rare opportunity to meet big companies at an all day event so read up on them, all of them. You may find a company you've never heard of before is offering your perfect job.

2. Be bold
It business dress, this doesn't restrict you to wearing black and grey. Look smart but stand out whether that’s a with a red blouse, or a blue pencil skirt.  There are a lot of black outfits at the conference and you want to stand out to employers.

3. Ask questions
Come up with questions for the companies you are interested in, and ask them.  This will make you look keen and show your engaging with the company, employers love that.

4. Network Network Network!
This is the most crucial part of the day.  This is where you make an impression, get email addresses and LinkedIn info. Make sure you approach all the employers you want to in this session as this is the part that will land you a job.

5. Keep in touch
Great, conference is done, you think it went well. Now is the time to email those employers and remind them of you. Say how great it was to meet them, thank them for the information they gave you and tell them you'll be putting you application in. This way they can look out for your name. If they have offered to look at your CV then grab the offer and send it. If they've said you can add them on LinkedIn then get adding!

Good luck at the event, you'll have a blast and it can be great for your career if you make the most of it.

Since attending the event with us, Chelsea has gone on to achieve so much more!
Winner of the TARGETjobs Computer Science Undergraduate of the Year Award 2015
Worked as an Information Risk and Security Consultant with PGDS as a result of attending our IT's not just for the boys! event.
Named "Women of the Future" by Equate Scotland in their "Leading Women of Scotland" Publication.
Chelsea is now the Head of Information Security at Education Scotland and a prominent STEM ambassador.

More information on the next IT's not just for the boys! can be found here.

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