Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hear from a finalist from the National Student Challenge 2014 and why you should give it a go!

Name: Sanjana Narang
University: University of Bristol
Degree area: Electrical engineering & related
Graduation date: 2015

I attended the National Student Challenge in October 2014. The event was held at The Crystal Building in London and was hosted by Siemens. The day comprised of five assessment centre group tasks organized by different employers, namely, Cognizant, Siemens, Bank of Ireland, Norton Rose Fullbright and Capital One Bank.

The students were selected on the basis of an online application that comprised of numerical and verbal reasoning tests. They helped me prepare for psychometric tests that form the first stage of almost every recruitment process.  In addition to this, there were commercial competency exercises to complete and the top 50 scores were selected for the final event. I found the selection process very interesting and engaging.

The finale was very well planned and the day was very well structured. Upon arrival, we were given a presentation about the day from TARGETJobs Events. Once that was over, the 50 students were divided into 5 groups of 10 and were rotated between the various activities delivered by the different employers.

It was an immense experience to work in teams and solve industry level problems with some of the most reputed employers in the world. I really learnt a lot from everyone around me as each person had a unique insight into the task. The day passed by really quickly and was extremely enjoyable. I had a chance to make some great new friends, ones that I am still in touch with. 

For anyone visiting the event in the future, I would just advise them to enjoy the day to the fullest and learn as much as you can. Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is extremely healthy. For the exercises, I would say – don’t be nervous and try to work well in teams. Listen to everyone and take initiative where you can! Just remember to respect one another and actually engage yourself in the task.

The National Student Challenge really shines on my CV and has really made me stand out in interviews and assessment centres. I would encourage everyone to give it a shot! Its worth it!

The 2015 Challenge will be opening soon - to find out more visit the website here -

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