Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thomas Chalmers Explore Sky Tech Insight Day

The Explore Sky (A Tech Insight) event was a great insight into Sky! It was my first exposure to Sky outside of just looking on their website or online presence. At first I was overwhelmed at the size of the Osterley offices (more like a campus!) that Sky had. This really painted a different picture to what I had imagined life at Sky would be like learning more about the variety of sections that make up Sky whether that be Now TV, Sky Cinema or Sky News the list goes on. Only then can you appreciate the wealth of opportunities Sky has to offer.

As part of the Explore Sky event the opportunity to speak to those running and recruiting for graduate programs was a fantastic opportunity and is what differentiates such events compared to traditional careers fairs for example. Occasionally at careers fairs you may have a burning question that is directed more at someone who is on the exact programme you are interested in and you may not be able to get the question answered instantly at the careers fair. But being able to ask questions that could be answers immediately with those who have been running the programmes for some time in my view is the best way to gain an insight into the company and let's you really understand inside and out what the programme(s) you are interested in entails.

The afternoon session forms an exciting group project challenged with developing a mobile web application. Whilst being an IT student "Agile / Lean business practice” is a term that I hear quite a lot especially so when looking at roles in the IT sector but being able to explore the way teams code at Sky is something I am grateful to be exposed to. Putting into practice some of the techniques Sky uses with undergraduates like myself with the help of the experts at Sky was great practise. They say the best way to learn is by doing and in this case it couldn't be more true.

In short the Explore Sky event not only helped me better my understanding of the opportunities Sky has on offer but also exposed me to developing further my technical understanding of how software is actually developed in a large organisation. If it's not clear already, Explore Sky is a fantastic opportunity and one that you should aim to get involved with to learn more about Sky and the technology that underpins its success!