Friday, April 13, 2012

TARGETjobs news roundup

Hello and welcome to the TARGETjobs news roundup, where everything from the world of graduate recruitment is served in one manageable portion.
This week’s portion is particularly small, as graduate recruiters took the long weekend as a good excuse for a holiday and most of TARGETjobs staff is out at the Undergraduate of the Year awards ceremony announcing this year’s winners. (Very exciting!) Find out who won on here next week or find out as it happens today on our Undergraduate of the Year Facebook and Twitter pages.
Nonetheless, the news is still pretty tasty. This week it is dominated by the construction sector, which has had a bit of good news:

But it hasn’t all been about construction this week. There have been a number of other interesting developments as well.
  • We also gave you the lowdown on the next skill in series on the top 10 skills and competencies you need. This week we looked at emotional intelligence; a vital prerequisite for many.
  • We also discovered which graduate recruiters use which psychometrics tests? This is a great way to find out what to expect at different stages of your application process.
  • And finally, we gave you our weekly roundup of next week’s deadlines – useful if you’re the kind of person who ‘works well under pressure’. The particularly busy sector is IT, with lots of deadlines coming up this week, you’d better get typing! Check out the latest graduate jobs here. 
Like always see you next week and hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)

To get graduate careers news as it happens, check out the TARGETjobs news feed. Alternatively, check out the roundup this time next week!

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