Thursday, April 19, 2012

Give yourself an ultimatum

Read Michael McKenna's graduate job hunting journey and his ultimatum

I initially undertook my graduate job search much in the way I take life, as laid back as possible. January 2011 when it should have been in full swing, I was preoccupied with motivating myself to complete my dissertation, and felt I didn't have the time to be filling in application forms and sending out CV's.

As a result I found a way of shaving of the pressure of parents to get it underway, by applying for a postgraduate study.  This was because I knew a response from the Admission offices would not come for a number of months, holding off the parents.

Obviously one reason for these applications, was trying to hold on to my relatively carefree student days, I now realise that in the current economic conditions this was a mistake.

Graduation came and went. 2.1 secured, left Dundee and moved home, penniless and facing what has become the biggest challenge I have faced.

The search began in earnest in late June of last year, and has continued for nine months with barely a nibble on my bait in the job pond, I am still extremely unemployed. It now seems it is only going to get harder as the Government cuts continue to bite and a new group of final students prepare for graduation.

One thing I have always maintained is that there is no point letting the job search get me down, it is an experience many others are having, and losing any motivation to continue is not going to help at all. Part time work keeps a few pounds coming in and allows me the time to fill in applications, so it could be worse.

However even bearing that in mind, it can't go on forever, so I have given myself three months, no job and everything will be geared towards emigration. Although that will bring an adventure in itself, it is quite depressing that the only opportunity available to this generation, may be one that previous generations undertook and always hoped their descendants wouldn't have too.

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