Friday, February 22, 2013

TARGETjobs news roundup

So, it has come to this; my last ever news roundup. I’m Ross by the way, hi. As of next week I will not be here to write these little slices of joy. I know – very sad. But that’s enough navel-gazing; we’ve got serious business to attend to.

Are you looking to move into the IT sector? Have you considered the fact that there might be more on offer? This week we’ve got articles about map making and e-commerce careers, and some of the deadlines in the weekly jobs roundup are for IT consultancy positions:

  • First up, could you make maps? The UK’s leading mapmaker – Ordnance Survey – is recruiting six graduates in 2013. As well as computer science graduates, some roles are open to those with geography, maths, physics or other relevant specialist degrees.
  • When you’re applying for graduate jobs it’s important that you think of things from the recruiter’s point of view. In Asda’s case that means you have to know the ‘Asda mum’. The profile of the ‘typical’ customer didn’t spring from nowhere, so can you help her shop?
We’ve also got this little gem from the law sector which just missed last week’s deadline:
  • We’re running a ‘How To Get Hired’ series at a handful of the big universities and some interesting tips have come up. Not content to impart wisdom to a select bunch of lucky students we’ve decided to share it with the world. Feast your eyes people!
But of course we’ve also got some general news for your information:
  • In the last decade the number of you who are going on to become entrepreneurs has nearly doubled. If you’re interested in taking this route, cast an eye over this chunk of advice. Starting out on your own can seem scary, but this will set you off in the right direction.
  • And finally (and I finally mean finally) we’ve got the jobs deadline roundup. This week it’s the consultancy jobs that are going thick and fast. If you want to work in HR, IT or management consultancy, this could be the place for you.
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