Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ford will be at Engineer you future on Monday! Read about a typical day here....

I joined Ford Motor Company two  years ago as a Graduate Software Integration Engineer and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I work with prototype vehicles and perform engine calibration software release as a part of my job.

A typical day for me would start with catching up on emails from my colleagues & suppliers around the globe. I would then be dealing with software testing work planned for future releases also supporting specific requests from Calibration team whilst they are out on testing in different parts of the world. I will be getting new software plug-ins from suppliers and my job will be to deliver a fully functional engine software for the calibration team to work on.

Ford Motor Company has a comprehensive employee development programme which allows me to work in different teams and get an idea on how the wider organisation operates. Also I am given every opportunity to follow my interests and develop my career, even my personal life. In my current position as an Systems Engineer, I have been fully accountable and responsible for  developing a state of art engine from day one. I have been given the opportunity to develop a brand new engine, this is a challenge quite lately, but one I enjoy immeasurably.

It’s a pleasure to work for such an established auto-manufacturer with an impressive history and a bright looking future. Being able to see the product out on the roads every day, everywhere you go is a real thrill and knowing that you were involved gives a real sense of job satisfaction.

Anjana Prasad

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