Friday, October 11, 2013

TARGETjobs career advice round up

Hello and welcome to this week’s TARGETjobs career advice round up blog. Here we summarise everything that has been added new or updated on our site.  This week is all about how to impress in applications, interviews and assessment centres. And what better way to impress than by taking the time to network with employers. 

Well if you are a girl and interested in the IT sector here is your chance but hurry there is only ONE WEEK left to apply to the TARGETjobsevents IT’s not just for the boys event.

This is a great chance for girls wanting to get a head start in their career, network with employers, meet incredible women that work in the sector and receive advice on how to succeed in this industry. Spaces are running out so make the most of this weekend and apply to this great event!

Changing industry now: we’ve had a flurry of activity on our law pages. First we interviewed Erin Hitchens, barrister at XXIV Old Buildings. Read her thoughts on how to impress pupillages committees in applications and interviews.  

Moving on to solicitors find out ‘How Bird & Bird you are’ – Read what Bird & Bird values and the key competencies they look for in applications. This will surely make your application stand out from the rest. 

If Bird & Bird is not your cup of tea and you are applying to CMS Cameron McKenna this is a must-read.  When you get to the partner interview stage make sure you cross reference and set your own questions. How do you approach this? Find out here. 

And if you need some tips on how to tackle the CMS Cameron McKenna assessment centre we’ve got that covered too.

If however you want to impress John La Salle and real estate is your sector of interest, here is how to shine on their application form

Applying to Balfour Beatty? Here what you need to know to get your application at the top of their list.

Do you dream of a career in consulting? Make sure you read about what to highlight  in your covering letter to Bain & Company for a shot at getting through to the next recruitment stage 

As always here is our upcoming deadlines 

And if you are following Alan Radbourne’s journey you will be pleased to know he has reached a total of £7120.38 in just 19 weeks. Stay up-to-date with his latest achievements. Rumour has it he is planning an interesting blog on how to survive after graduation. Should be an interesting read.

Hope you all have a good weekend,


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