Friday, December 20, 2013

City Law for ethnic minorities has been taking place for over 10 years, and is TARGETjobs Events flagship event! Read what Louisa thought of the event in June!

Louisa is studying Law at UCL, she came to the TARGETjobs Events City Law for ethnic minorities event back in the summer. Read about her experience here!

I first applied to the event as being a first year student at that time, I wanted to gain more of an insight into the legal industry in London and I felt that City Law for ethnic minorities by TargetJobs Events was the perfect opportunity. Being specially catered to ethnic minorities, I knew that the content of the event would be organised in a way that would most benefit me. I was particularly attracted by the number of, and the names of, law firms participating in the event. Coupled with the fact that the event was well structured and publicised, it came to be too inviting not to attend. Finally, I felt that it was a great way of getting to know other students from throughout the UK – friendships and networking!

To increase my chances of being invited for the event, I did thorough research and read about the experiences of past participants of the event. I did this to get a better understanding of what the event offered, and what I could do to best portray my enthusiasm of wanting to participant in this year’s City Law for Ethnic Minorities through my cover letter. Also, I ensured that my CV was up to date, to give me the best chance of being successful.

My telephone interview was incredibly friendly and made me feel at ease throughout the entire duration of the interview. The lady was clear and asked me about why I wanted to attend the event and a few things regarding my CV. The phone call did not last very long, and was well informed about when I would be hearing from them.

A few key things that I would advise would be to make sure that you are in a quiet place – preferably in your own room, that you have your CV and cover letter which you submitted next to you for reference and definitely, be ready and wait for the phone call to come in.

Finally, the event gave me the perfect exposure to city law firms around London, and I picked up a few skills and tips through the workshops that the law firms organised. I made a lot of new friends and was definitely glad that I had the chance to attend it!

Applications are now open for the 2014 event! 

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