Monday, December 23, 2013

Bethan came to one of our STEMinism events and now has landed a graduate job with Vodafone 2 years early! Read below to find out how you could too!!

Bethan Reeves is a second year Maths student studying at Cardiff University. She attended IT's not just for the boys! in October and now as a result of attending the event, she has secured a graduate job for 2 years time!! Read her story here.....

“IT’s not just for the boys!” is an inspirational event geared towards female students who are currently studying STEM subjects at university. I heard about the event through the careers service at university only six days before I attended and following a speedy application process I booked my train tickets and couldn’t wait!

I soon found myself at Bloomberg HQ tucking into a free lunch and chatting to the other students and employers/recruiters. My apprehensions about being a 2nd year Maths student in amongst coding pros and technological genii were soon diminished and I had a fantastic day. Clutching my bag of goodies, I went away buzzing with excitement about all the things I’d heard but little did I know, further amazing opportunities were right around the corner...

In the weeks following the event I received all sorts of emails and information from companies such as EMC, HSBC and ThoughtWorks as well as encouragement from Target Jobs to enter the ‘Undergraduate of the Year’ competition. Above all, just two months after attending IT’s Not Just for the Boys, I had a VIP invitation to a Vodafone assessment centre for their technology graduate scheme in my hands! All I had to do was complete some short online SHL tests and upon passing these, I had my assessment centre place secured.

I headed to Vodafone global HQ in Newbury where I took part in the various elements of the assessment centre, had a guided tour and opportunities to chat to graduates already on the Discover schemes. The day had a wonderful feel to it and I was truly put at ease; it was great to meet other students and speak to the graduates. Yet again, I could never have anticipated what was still to come as two days later I received a phonecall to tell me the incredible news that I had got the job!!

I was astounded by this; a graduate job secured before I was even halfway through my degree! I’m still required to get a 2:1 but this hasn’t stopped me from picturing myself riding around Newbury on the Vodafone buses and what life on the Discover scheme will be like (and that’s before I even consider the £29,000 salary!).

All of these experiences will be with me forever and it has truly shown me that there really is no glass ceiling for us girls and no divide between males and females within technology. Out of the 9 students at the Vodafone assessment centre, only 2 of us were girls and I got the job. That’s not to say the guys didn’t get job offers but it’s really shown me that there’s nothing to be afraid of; my life has taken a turn I could never have imagined and it feels fantastic!

So girls (and guys too!), take this from me, every opportunity you are given presents itself for a reason so take your life in both hands and put yourself out there – what have you got to lose?

Update: Since writing this blog Bethan has also taken part in Vodafone's summer internship. She's now even more excited to join them this September! Could this be you next year? Apply for the March event now! 

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