Sunday, February 23, 2014

TARGETjobs career advice roundup

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to the latest career advice roundup! We’ve got all the newest advice articles from our TARGETjobs editorial team here for you to browse, but if nothing grabs your attention then do take a look through our website. We’ve got a whole load more where these came from.

Before we move on to the advice, we’d like to thank everybody who participated in the trendence UK Graduate Barometer this year. This month the survey closed with over 27,000 responses, setting a new UK record. We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you to everyone who took part.

If you want to see one of the many things that the trendence survey is used for, then take a look at The Guardian UK 300. This is the 2013/2014 edition. Your responses from this year will decide the results of the 2014/2015 edition.

In other news, we have the Scotland Postgraduate Study and Funding Fair coming up next week, so if you’re in or around Edinburgh on the 26th February then come along. We’ll reimburse you for your transport, plus give you a free lunch if you pre-register.

Moving on to the career advice, do you remember when we mentioned the National Pupillage Fair last week? Well, we’ve got some more pupillage news for all you aspiring barristers this week: if you’re a final year law student aspiring to the Bar, you’re probably thinking about applying for pupillage. The Pupillage Gateway may not open until 1st April, but there are plenty of chambers managing their own applications. Here’s a handy list of places you can apply to.

How does investment banking in Asia sound? Nomura is a leading financial services group with a strong base in Tokyo, and here’s how to stand out at a Nomura internship, with tips from their head of recruitment, Antonia Choi. 

Even if you get an investment banking internship elsewhere, we’ve still got you covered. Here are four ways you can prepare for an internship at an investment bank.

When applying to the Capgemini graduate scheme, recruiters will be looking for three key skills: the ability to communicate, innovate and collaborate. 

As always, we have our exceptionally useful internships and work experience deadlines (if you’re a second or first year looking to boost your employability, don’t miss this one!).

And, of course, we finish off with our graduate jobs roundup. This week it’s bigger than usual – there are lots of schemes closing on the 28th, so don’t miss any of them

Have a great weekend!

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