Monday, March 31, 2014

Capital One were at our last IT's not just for the boys! on Friday. Katy joined Capital One 6 months ago on their grad scheme, read about her experiences here!

"I joined the Capital One team back in September 2013 as Graduate on their Technology Rotation Scheme. Although I haven’t worked here for too long I have excelled in my role and loved every minute of it! I currently work within the IPS team as a Service Manager, helping to resolve all kinds of incidents affecting service. This allows me to interact with loads of different people and my job brings something different to the table every day.

A typical day for me would involve a morning check-in with all the support teams we work with around the world. This allows us to communicate any service impact we may have had overnight, find out if there are any current issues and set actions for the relevant teams if needed. Depending on the day will depend on what meetings are planned – If it’s a Monday we’ll look into the past week and what, if anything has caused downtime to services. If it’s a Wednesday/Thursday we have support meetings with certain teams. These meetings look into any work we have ongoing and get updates on these.

A major part of my job is been able to react to the unexpected. An incident can happen at any time to anything and instantly takes priority. My job is to ensure the incident is resolved as quickly as possible with as little impact to the customer as possible. This requires creating a bridge between the relevant teams depending on the issue itself. For example, if there was an issue with the call centre – this would require engaging network resources. Once the issue is resolved the team then look into how to stop the issue from happening again in the future and what the true root cause was. This helps to stop common incidents occurring and if similar incidents happen in the future, the work done to solve the previous incident helps to highlight what areas to try and eliminate as cause first. The satisfaction you gain after been able to resolve something that is causing other people issues is great. The knowledge that you’ve been able to prevent that same issue from happening again in the future, well that’s something too.

The Capital One graduate scheme is an amazing opportunity to experience different job roles, be a valued member of a team and gain experience/understanding that can help you to produce higher levels of work in future roles. It is a pleasure to work for such an employee focused company, with an impressive history and excitingly bright future. This was just the first 6 months of my journey with this company, I can’t wait for the rest!"

Katy Rodwell 

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