Monday, April 20, 2015


This past week we have taken part in work experience at Group GTI. We have had the opportunity to work with several departments and delightful team members. This has allowed us to learn a variety of new skills.

A department we worked in was finance. We had the opportunity to get involved with multiple aspects of the department and learn the duties of the different jobs roles. One of our tasks was to look over invoices to see if all the payments were made and we were fortunate enough to receive one to one advice from the finance team who guided us throughout the day. However, we soon discovered that the finance department was not for us due to the repetition of activities. 

Secondly, we worked in the sales and campaign management departments. Specifically in campaign management, we had the opportunity to produce emails on job vacancies which will be sent out to students looking for jobs. This helped us improve our direct writing skills which will be beneficial in whatever line of work we choose in the future. A highlight of our time was experiencing first-hand the responsibilities and duties of a sales manager; which demonstrated key organisational and communication skills.

Another department we experienced was events. We were given the opportunity to research venues and hotels for an upcoming event which followed specific criteria. After discovering that this was a main part of events, we came to the conclusion that although it was a fun activity we couldn’t see ourselves pursuing this career.
Last and foremost, we had a great experience in the marketing department. Analysing competitor websites was highly interesting and helped us developed some of the required job skills used in marketing. We inputted our opinions and thoughts of their new programme which is being developed and targeted to people our age. This gave us the feeling that we were genuinely helping the company and our input was valued. Furthermore, we also put together a collection of posts to forward onto the TARGETjobs social media pages. The aim of this was to grab the attention of the students following the company and to portray a youthful perspective. 

To conclude, collectively we feel that the most suited department for us is marketing. This is because it allowed us to share our opinions and is a more creative side to the business. In the future we would hope to enter a similar line of work of the experience in marketing we’ve had. We thank all those who provided us with the experience and we are very grateful for this opportunity. We would recommend this experience in the future as it has given us a clear insight into where we would fit in at this company as well as many others. 

By Phoebe Parsons & Emily Strange 

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