Friday, September 25, 2015

What I learned on my summer editorial internship at GTI Media

Hi I’m Lizzie, and this summer I have spent almost four months working at GTI Media in the editorial department. Going from knowing incredibly little about the publishing world before starting, to having a pretty good insight now, I can definitely say that this internship has been a positive experience. There are a few key things that I’ve learned this summer.

1. The people you work with make all the difference.

I feel like I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by some wonderful and hilarious people this summer. From the managers, to the other interns, to the CEO of the company – there’s a very friendly and supportive atmosphere here, and there’s always someone to help you out when you need. It takes away the fear of a new job very quickly!

2. New skills, insights, and knowledge.

A new job wouldn’t be a new job without a steep learning curve. There was an awful lot to take in at first and get used to, but it only takes a little while to start adapting to it and become more confident with what’s required of you. My writing style has definitely improved and I now have a number of new skills surrounding editing, research and writing that I didn’t have before. Visiting the printers’ to see our magazines being made was great too; I had no idea how everything was put together before that! It’s been an eye-opening insight into both the publishing world and all of the other career fields that I’ve spent my summer researching and writing on!

3. Working around my commute.

My commute has been a particularly long one (4–5 hours a day) but it was doable, I just had to adjust. In the beginning I was making plans almost every evening after work and all weekend – and I started to burn out very quickly. In the past I’ve worked full time in retail so have been running around all day, and I knew that was tiring – but no one tells you how tiring sitting down all day is; it was a big surprise for me! Working full time plus a long commute is exhausting, so you need to learn to leave some free time empty to recover and rest.

4. Whether or not I like an office environment.

This may sound obvious, but it’s actually a very important thing to find out. Offices suit some people really well; for others, it’s just not going to make them happy or comfortable in the long run. Luckily for me, I enjoyed sharing a desk with the other lovely interns, and it was a pleasant working environment; I would definitely consider an office job again.

5. Whether or not I want to continue working in the publishing field.

Again, this is might sound obvious, but it’s a hugely important decision that could affect my entire working career. Neither myself nor the other editorial interns had worked in a publishing company before, and so this really was our first real insight into the industry and the different career options available in the field. We’ve been very fortunate at GTI to have had such a long internship as well to get a really well-rounded and in-depth view of the company and industry, both in very busy and quieter months. I’m glad to say that I’ve had a very positive experience here, and will seriously consider pursuing a career in this industry.

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Article written by Lizzie Akass, TARGETjobs Editorial Intern. Connect with Lizzie on LinkedIn