Thursday, September 10, 2015

The fresher checklist - 10 things you need to survive the first semester

So you got through your A-Levels or college, and you managed to get accepted on to your dream university course – things are feeling really great right now! If you are starting university soon and are leaving home for the first time, you are probably starting to wonder how on earth you are going to fit 18 years of your most prized possessions into your new tiny uni bedroom. Don’t fear, we have compiled our top 10 items you need to survive your first semester!

1. An alarm clock

Gone are the days when your parents were on hand to kick you out of bed and bring you a cup of tea of the morning. The baton has now officially passed to you to get yourself up and out the door, on time! An alarm clock will become your new best friend (or worst enemy). You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with your lecturers and tutors by missing your classes!

2. A new pencil case (with all the trimmings)

I’m pretty sure that stationary was never at the top of your shopping list, but get to uni and everyone is whacking out the gel pen collections, piles of post-it notes and oh so many rainbows of highlighters! You will have to get really good at organising yourself if you want to keep on top of your workload – so get down to WHSmith and invest well in a really good stationary collection.

3. A pack of cards

You will learn more card games in your first two weeks of uni than in your whole life so far. Be prepared and bring a pack of cards with you. Your housemates will thank you for it, and you can get some practice in to avoid the loser drinks!

4. A dressing gown (or onesie) and slippers

For those far-too-often 3am fire alarms (yawn).

5. An easy-peasy recipe book

You don’t want to live off super noodles and chicken nuggets all year; it gets old. Get experimenting with some easy and cheap recipes; you might surprise yourself at your cooking skills!

6. Some ear plugs

Believe me, you won’t want to party every night…no, really! When you have that early start, group presentation and 5 hour library marathon tomorrow, and your flat have decided to start the sixth round of ring of fire, these will come in handy.

7. A classic fancy dress outfit

Monday you’re a pirate, Tuesday you’re Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Wednesday you’re head to toe in UV…by the weekend you might even become a rubix cube! The fancy dress will be endless. Get some staple fancy dress items early and avoid the dreaded Primark run to buy face paint and a blow up parrot two hours before you’re supposed to meet at the union for your first social.

8. One of those colour catchers (and 2 in 1 detergent)

You can put off doing your own washing for a couple of weeks, but the day of reckoning will come! Avoid turning all your whites bright pink with a pack of handy colour catchers. And don’t forget the 2 in 1 washing tablets.

9. Mum’s medicine box

Beware the dreaded fresher’s flu. Be prepared with a handy medical supply from home and avoid having to trek to the pharmacy when you are feeling really rough.  

10. A diary

You are going to be invited to lots of socials, nights out and university events in your first semester. You will also have to start juggling multiple deadlines for your course modules. Keep on track with all of the dates and deadlines with a good diary.

Good luck!