Thursday, April 21, 2016

'Thanks to this event I have the job of my dreams with a company I love'.

Georgia - ThoughtWorks, I got the job! 

I first attended the ITs not just for the boys event in March 2015 and to be honest I hadn’t heard of many of the companies before I signed up. I researched the companies when I was looking for which ones I wanted to complete the sessions with when I came across ThoughtWorks. I could see from the website and social media that it was a fun and young company, so I thought I’d take a chance and put them as my first choice for the sessions. My god I’m glad I did!

When I got to the event I was greeted with a lovely atmosphere from everyone, companies and attendees alike, and I immediately knew that no matter what the outcome, this was going to be a good day. When it came to the group activity session this was a perfect opportunity to show the companies there what I could do as a potential employee but in a fun, stress-free environment. There was no pressure and the other girls were really friendly and open to ideas for the task. I knew at this point that I wanted to work for ThoughtWorks so I used this task as an opportunity to show how well I could work in a group, and how I could communicate my ideas, at the end of the day if it didn’t work I didn’t lose anything, but thankfully everything went smoothly for me and my group. After the presentation of your group task you have the chance to network with the companies and get some contact details, this was the best part of the event for me.

In normal careers fairs there is always a rushed feeling. It sometimes comes across that companies want to tell as many students as possible about the opportunities without getting into too much detail with any one student, while this is understandable, I prefer to get a feel of the company by talking properly to the recruiters, and this event was a perfect opportunity for this. I got an email address for the graduate recruiter at ThoughtWorks and the leader of our group task also passed my details on to her (anything is good that makes you stand out from the crowd!). From then on I emailed the graduate recruiter to keep my name in the air while I continued my studies and I actually based my dissertation around the company development process to make me stand out a little bit more.  When it came down to actually applying for the position I felt so much more relaxed as I had already built up a relationship with her, and it allowed me to focus on why I wanted to work for them and the tasks I was being given. Two weeks after I began the process I got the call to say I was in, I was ecstatic!

To think it all came from one (free!) event where I just thought ‘oh what the hell!’ and I have secured a graduate job in a fantastic company.

So, if you’re on the fence about going, go! What do you have to lose? More importantly think of what you can gain! Thanks to this event I have the job of my dreams with a company I love and it was honestly only possible because of this event and the TARGETjobs team. So finally, Good luck, enjoy, and just go for it!

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