Friday, January 6, 2017

TJ talks us through his valuable experience at Sky!

The Explore Sky Finance Insight Day was fantastic and it gave me a great idea on what life would be like working at Sky. Walking in to The Sky Studio Campus and knowing that you are seconds away from the sports and news studios is both daunting and awe inspiring. The campus in Osterley is huge and it reminded me of going to university for the first time. But what I enjoyed most about this day, was the atmosphere which was very vibrant. This made me think that the staff are happy to work at Sky and truly value their job.
Although this was a financial insight day, everyone came from a range of different academic backgrounds. Some students were in their penultimate year studying accountancy, while others were in their final year studying geography. A student on my table was doing her masters in chemistry! It shows Sky welcomes all and that the skills you obtain in any degree can be transferable.
The event gave us the opportunity to listen to the recruitment team at Sky for the placement and graduation schemes. What they said was extremely useful as they showed us how applicants should differentiate themselves from other candidates. Looking at the past applications together and pointing out the flaws and the positives will help in the future, when applying for Sky.
After this, we had a chance to listen to people that have been part of the Sky Graduate schemes and placement schemes. This part of the day gave me an insight into what it would be like working for Sky. Being told that it is fast paced and there are a variety of tasks that you need to do as there a range of jobs, excites me.
The tour of Sky was probably the most exciting part of the day. I could not stop smiling when I was in the Sky Sports studios. But the tour of the campus itself was hugely impressive. All the different departments seem top class and the scenery was beautiful.
The day ended with the opportunity to show our skills in a challenge where as a group we had to launch a plan for a new product or service for Sky and then present it to the other participants and the judges in the room. This was interesting as our group realised that our idea was like other groups around us, something that Sky must often come across. We had to find a way to make our product stand out and look unique. This task improved my presentational marketing skills, which will help me in the future.

Overall I would recommend anyone interested in working for Sky or a career in finance should come to this insight day. The information you receive about the application process and what it is like working at Sky is so valuable. The day is extremely enjoyable and memorable as there are numerous moments where you are either learning something valuable or looking at the many incredible scenes and studios at Sky.