Friday, June 29, 2012

TARGETjobs news roundup

Hello and welcome to the TARGETjobs news roundup. It has been a very busy week and it looks set to stay that way for the summer months. Most people have now finished exams for the summer and graduation ceremonies are happening.

Once again we’ve got pupillages on the brain. If you’re looking to become a barrister then this is a vital step in your career path. However, there is a lot of competition, and in order to get through you’re going to need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Enter TARGETjobs Law:

But of course, not everyone wants to be a barrister, and very few of us end up as one. So if you’re looking for jobs elsewhere, there’s still plenty of advice for you:
  • In other news, UK Power Networks has launched a Facebook account. You can see the latest recruitment news but also post questions that one of the team will answer.
But if those particular sectors aren’t for you either, there’s plenty more general advice for your edification:
  • First up was the scandalous news that many students admit to cheating when filling in online applications. Unfortunately for them, this is unlikely to help them, as the process is designed to make sure they are weeded out later on.
  • The TARGETjobs interns have started to post the first in their series of blogs. These guys are the absolute cream of the crop and they write with such panache that Shakespeare would blush. To see for yourself, scroll down.
  • If you’re on Google+ and you’re interested in finding out about postgraduate courses, then TARGETcourses will be launching its page on Monday.
  • If you’re about to send off a job application, just hold on five minutes. Many of the most common mistakes made by graduates can be solved by a good, thorough last-minute check.
  • And speaking of sending off job applications, there’s the regular roundup of all the jobs with deadlines next week. It’s the end of the month, so it’s a busy week, but it’s also graduation season, so competition will be fierce. Check out the latest jobs here.
To get graduate careers news as it happens, check out the TARGETjobs news feed. Alternatively, check out the roundup this time next week!
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