Thursday, June 7, 2012

From an 'amateur Facebook page' to head-hunted overnight

It's been nearly four months since I wrote my previous guest blog for TARGETjobs. So much has happened since then!

Last time I was writing about the importance of being relevant, persistent and positive. I also mentioned The Graduate – a Facebook page I created as part of an application process to an advertising agency.

Well, I must say, this page has had a fantastic impact on my life! I did pass through to the next round of the application process, and the one after … And that's as far as it went with this particular agency. But looking back, I am so very glad I didn't get an offer. Because then I would have never been able to do what I'm doing now. I was approached by a head-hunter via The Graduate and am currently working on a super exciting project! I've been given a ton of responsibilities and a creativity carte blanche!! I would have never imagined that this early in my career, I'll be involved in concept building, branding, cost to market planning, business strategy, project management and pretty much everything else that goes hand in hand with creating a new business! It is an amazing opportunity and it all happened because of an amateurish Facebook page I put together during one afternoon in January.

There's more. I kept applying to agencies. But I was much, much more picky. I only applied if I could really see myself as part of their team. And this made a massive difference! I got invited to interviews and offered positions. Now it was me who was in a position of choice! After a whole year of rejections, I was finally getting somewhere! All because I actually implemented the painfully familiar“it's not about quantity but quality”strategy.

Obviously, things didn't just happen overnight (although it felt that way). Meanwhile, I was working on this project I mentioned, in a pub and a sports venue. And this is important, too. Whilst I was just sitting at home, working hard to perfect my applications and having all the time in the world to worry about my future, nothing really happened. Once I got out there, worked an average of 12 hours a day and only spend a couple of hours or so a week on applications, I was able to focus only on what really mattered. And it paid off.

I'm now excited about launching the new business I'm helping build, starting my new job in September and continuing on the path to my Dream Career.

So, this is my story. I'm sure you've got a story, too. And if you're still looking for your Dream Job, try to fit it into your story, rather than the other way around! This is the best advice I gave myself.

If you need more convincing that keeping busy will eventually get you the job you deserve have a look at how your part-time job in a pub or in retail can lead to a success career.

Or have a look at how you can make your social media work for you by getting you your dream job and how to manage your online reputation.

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