Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meet the TARGETjobs interns

Our summer editorial interns are in the building. They will be blogging this summer letting you know more about themselves and their time spent at TARGETjobs together with some helpful tips on employability. Hope you all join me in giving them a big warm TARGETjobs welcome.

Here they are:

Hi, I’m Harriet. I’m currently in between my second and third years at Durham University. This summer I’m working as an editorial intern here at TARGETjobs in Wallingford until my term starts again in October. At university I study English literature, co-run a student theatre company, work on my college’s toastie bar, write for various uni publications and have researched and presented for Durham Student TV. Over the past few months I’ve really started to think about what I’m going to be doing the year after next and of possible ways to avoid staying in my pyjamas all day and eating ice cream for every meal. This seems to be a good time to begin planning and refining my answer to the question ‘what do you want to do after graduation?’ from ‘yeah… um, the media?’ to something less likely to kill a conversation. Lots of you will, I expect, be in the same boat as me – or similar ones. I’ll be sharing my findings about the graduate world that is fast approaching, as well as writing about my thoughts and experiences from here at TARGETjobs.  

Hi, I’m Hollie. I’ve just graduated from Glasgow University and I’m an editorial intern here at TARGETjobs. I took the ‘scenic route’ through higher education – a change in unis and a switch of courses meant that I was a student for over five years. As a result the thought of entering the real world is slightly daunting! Now I have a degree in mathematics and English literature under my belt, and like some of you I’m in the process of looking for a graduate scheme that appeals to me. I’m going to be spending the next few months researching what’s on offer and applying to various things so I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress. The application process can be scary as there’s often a lot of competition and rigorous interviews but the important thing is to keep trying. Most people have to apply for a few different jobs before they’re successful so just remember to see any rejections as good practice runs for the future. I’ve already had one pretty disastrous interview but stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about that later!  If you have any questions about my hunt for graduate employment you can get in touch with me at or @chocaholliec.
Interesting fact: I once shaved my head for charity and spent the following few months resembling a potato

Hi there, I’m Craig. I’m an editorial summer intern for TARGETjobs currently working with the editors on productions such as Guardian UK 300 and TARGETjobs IT & Technology.

I am a fourth year student of English and Latin at the University of St Andrews and the editor-in-chief of the independent student newspaper, The Saint. In previous summers I have been fortunate enough to work briefly in the editorial departments of different publishing houses and I am now confident that I want to pursue a career in editorial. So, if you’re interested in student journalism and/or publishing, read on, and I’ll share what I’ve learned so far about the two industries. I’ll also keep you updated with what it’s like to be an intern for TARGETjobs and what makes working for a media company like GTI different to working in newspaper offices and publishing houses.

Interesting fact: This summer I will be wading through McNae's Essential Law for Journalists; if you’re a wannabe hack, watch this space for legal minefields and how to avoid them!

Slightly more interesting fact: I am a keen fan of drag racing, and head to Santa Pod whenever I can!

Hi bloggers, I’m Laura and I’m one of the editorial interns at TARGETjobs. I’ll be working here over the next couple of months and will keep you posted on my experience. Currently, I’m half way through my degree in Law with study in continental Europe at the University of Bristol. This means that over the summer, alongside working here at TARGETjobs, I’ll be frantically trying to keep up my French reading (or not) for my year abroad at the University of Poitiers starting in September.

Luckily, this also means I’ve still got two whole years to go before I seriously need to focus on graduate jobs and my career path, which seems a long time now, but, as I’ve been reminded repeatedly by parents, teachers and lecturers, preparation is key! I don’t have a job at uni as the hours just don’t allow for it, but during the holidays, I’ve done various jobs and work experience placements, on which I’ll say more in a later post (if you can handle the suspense…)

At the moment I’m weighing up a career in journalism and the more obvious (though far from easy) route into legal practice. Often my thoughts on what I want to do after graduating change literally from one day to the next, so I am by no means set on a specific career path as yet! However, I’m looking forward to sharing my insights into the big wide world of work with you over the next few months.

If you have any questions or want to know more information, feel free to email me at or follow my blog


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