Friday, June 7, 2013

TARGETjobs News Roundup

Hello and welcome to our latest graduate recruitment news round-up blog. Here you will find the latest news and career advice we’ve posted on this week.
Let’s get straight to it:
Many of you are graduating this month and if, unfortunately, you’ve received a lower grade than you’d hoped for, worry not. We are here to tell you which employers in the public sector recruit graduates with a 2.2. 

We can also tell which graduate employers recruit students with a 2.2 in the hospitality, leisure and travel sector. 
On the subject of 2.2s, I am bringing out an oldie we published earlier this year, ‘How to job hunt if you get a 2.2 when you graduate’. 
Good luck job hunters!
In other news, if you want an accountancy job, you don’t have to have a finance internship to convince recruiters that you have the skills theyseek. Here we tell you how to make the most of the skills you’ve developed from your part-time jobs, course and extra-curricular activities. 
On a completely different note, we want to welcome our editorial interns! They will be here all summer working on some exciting projects for you and they will also be blogging about their time here, giving you insightful career tips they have picked up.
If you haven’t already, take this opportunity to meet them in their introductory blog. Stay tuned to follow their journey.
And, finally, here are next week’s graduate jobs deadlines.
Happy weekend!


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