Friday, June 21, 2013

TARGETjobs news roundup

Welcome to the weekly graduate recruitment roundup. This is where you find the roundup of all the latest graduate career advice we have written this past week.

This week we’ve focused on tricky interview questions and have given you the inside track on how to answer the following:

-         Have you ever had a bad experience with an employer?

-          Give an example of a time when you showed nitiative

When it comes to interviews it’s always best to have examples set aside for these types of tricky questions. Have a look at the possible responses we have come up so you pass with flying colours.

As well as general interview advice, we talked to financial services employers. They told us they look for client skills as well as numeracy in their actuaries. Have a look at how to show recruiters you have the necessary people skills. 

For those interested in hospitality, we shared the top ten tools (skills and knowledge) you need to getting a graduate job in this industry 

If retail management is more your career of choice, you may find our latest application and interview advice for Aldi’s area management scheme helpful.

But if none of these take your fancy why not browse next week’s graduate job deadlines. Although it’s traditionally a quieter time for graduate recruiters, there are still quite a few going. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend,