Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ella Rose- Week One interning with Rolls-Royce

Ella Rose, winner of the Female Undergraduate of the Year award sponsored by Rolls-Royce, blogs about what she has been up to in her first week of her internship (part of the prize for winning the blog).

So, not only did I survive my first week as an intern in Customer Management at Rolls-Royce, but it flew by so quickly that I’m already feeling like the whole ten weeks will be over before they’ve started!

On Sunday afternoon, I moved into the University of Derby Halls, and it’s a bit like being back in my first year of university except that people are a little more grown up and less messy! Starting the week at Rolls-Royce was a bit nerve-wracking, but I already feel like I am settling in and starting to understand  how the business and customer-facing roles work in Civil Large Engines.

I did, however, feel somewhat thrown in the deep end when, after only having been in my office for three days, I was invited to a Chinese culture dinner. The team that I am involved with works within Customer Business for the Greater China airline customers of Rolls-Royce, so the idea was that I would get to experience a bit of genuine Chinese culture, have some proper Chinese food and do a bit of networking. ...want to read more? Find her blog here:

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