Friday, July 12, 2013

TARGETjobs News roundup

Hello all, it’s finally Friday. This can only mean one thing; it’s time to update you with a brief summary of the latest news and career advice we wrote on our site this week.
But before we get started I want to draw your attention to Alan Radbourne, a 2013 Loughborough University graduate who has embarked on a year challenge: My OnePound Challenge. The aim of this challenge is to see how much can be made in a year with an initial £1 initial investment.

All profits made are reinvested and used to build a chain of small start ups. This has caught our eyes so much that we are going to be following him on his journey and every week update you on his profits and recent projects. Want to get up to speed? Check out his videos or follow on Twitter @Pound_Challenge or Facebook: One Pound Challenge
Back to business as usual:
This week we revealed which graduate careers are hotspots for jobs growth. If you are graduating in a few years or even this year, it’s worth checking these industries out, see if they are of interest and match your experience or skills accordingly. 
In sector-specific news, we told you:
·         Which retail graduate employers accept graduates with a 2.2
·         Why your computer science degree won’t get you an IT job – beware there is more you need to do to be employable. 
·         And in law we spent five minutes with Fiona Medlock, graduate recruitment manager at Mills & Reeve. She advises you on how to turn a good training contract application into an excellent one. She also has some encouraging words including:
“I read application forms from students who don’t have a 2.1 degree and 300 UCAS points – but they have to shine somewhere on the rest of the form if they are expecting a 2.2” 
Speaking of helpful advice, if you are thinking of applying to the 2014 Undergraduate of the Year awards, make sure you have a read the 2013s winner and finalists blogs. They provide insightful tips on how best to apply and get yourselves prepared.  The Undergraduate of the Year awards give you a chance to win internships in a sector of your choice, to add something impressive to your CV and to network with recruiters. They’re well worth checking out – even if we do say so ourselves.
If you want to learn even more about what it’s like after you win an Undergraduate of the Year award, follow Ella’s blog. Ella is the winner of the Female Undergraduate of the Year award and every week she writes a blog on what she is learning and doing on her internship with Rolls-Royce (part of her prize for winning) 
As always, I leave you with the latest graduate job deadlines closing soon. It’s now or never... so get applying! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and slap on the sunscreen; it’s meant to be a scorcher! 

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