Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week Two: Interning with Rolls-Royce

Ella Rose is back with her blog discussing what she has been up to her in second week of interning at Rolls Royce, part of her prize for winning the Female Undergraduate of the Year award.

Once again, I'm pleased to say that I survived this week! The early mornings are starting to feel normal, the many acronyms at Rolls-Royce have become second nature and I'm getting through around one thousand cups of tea a day. If you'd told me at this point last year that I'd find engines so interesting I would have not believed you!

It's been a little less hectic than last week (famous last words) and I think that comes down to how much I'm learning. That certainly wouldn't be the case without the help of my whole team, especially my brilliant manager Larissa who consistently goes above and beyond to help me when I feel out of my depth. In the last few days I've been drafting invoices and analysing engine data, which relies on me having some in-depth knowledge of the customers, policies and pricing methods of Customer Business, so I've needed a fair bit of help from lots of different people. I'm also managing my own time and projects, so it's both exciting and daunting to have so much responsibility over my work.

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