Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are you a budding chef? Do you like to whip up delicious concoctions with leftovers? Or do you simply have one delicious recipe that you wish you could share with everyone?

Then post your recipes and photos of the finished product on

Studentrecipes is a great site where all students are encouraged to share their recipes with the rest of the student community – recipes for students written by students. It was started by James Bailey in 2004, when he was a first year student at University of East Anglia. As a student himself he struggled to find quick and easy to cook and CHEAP recipes. With this in mind he started the website and now runs a very successful business.

So if you want to share your recipes or are in need of inspiration get yourself onto This will be a great site to call upon as you enter your first year of university, (make friends quick by baking up a storm in the kitchen), or as you return to university and realise  that you want a little bit more variety than beans on toast every

Happy cooking and remember to share!