Friday, August 9, 2013

TARGETjobs News roundup

Hi guys, it’s Hollie here to fill you in on this week’s hot topics at TARGETjobs. I’ve got a roundup of some great advice for you today so put the kettle on, sit back and feast your eyes on what’s been happening in the world of graduate careers.

Did you get a 2.2? Do you want a successful career in property? We did some investigating and found out what you should do to make a strong graduate application to compete with 2.1s and which employers you should apply to. Read more here.

Job interviews can be challenging – especially when you get a question that catches you off-guard. But don’t worry, to help you prepare we’ve compiled a list of nine tricky interview questions and how to answer them. Practise your responses to these and you’ll be sure to impress!

If you’re thinking about a career in finance but not sure what route to go down, then take a glimpse at our information about some of the different areas of work. Is forecasting the future your thing? Have a read about actuarial work. Does protecting against risk appeal to you? Find out about insurance jobs. Are you good at people management? Take a look at retail banking.

In other news, Alan is still going strong with his One Pound Challenge – his total is currently £3292.42! If you haven’t already, have a gander at his inspiring journey to turn a £1 investment into a graduate salary.

Lastly, make sure you take a look at which graduate jobs have application deadlines this week – you don’t want to accidentally miss out on you dream role!

That’s all from me folks. Have a cracking weekend!

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