Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The power of an internship

Why are internships so important? You may be asking yourself this very question. Whether you’re a budding student or you’re embarking on your new career, landing an internship can better your chances of employment.

Here are my top reasons why internships are worthwhile:

  1. You gain industry experience
  2. You gain networking connections
  3. You build on your knowledge and skillset
  4. You differentiate yourself, making yourself more employable

Not everyone gets the chance to gain experience before graduating from university. If you’re a student, or a recent graduate, now is the best time to start interning. By starting work experience early, you not only build up your CV, but you also give yourself the opportunity to find out what the industry is like and whether it is right for you.

When considering work experience, do not expect everything to be exciting or interesting. A working internship requires humility because there may be times that you will be asked to perform menial tasks such as photocopying or running errands. However, even menial tasks can be a chance to learn and make a good impression on your employer. If you're asked to sit in on a meeting, write up a memo or even add your input, you will get a better picture of what the industry is all about.

There can be some downsides to interning. Money is always a key factor and some internships require you to travel. It can sometimes be an expensive decision. Check what’s on offer carefully, does the internship cover travel expenses? Some internships are well paid, but if you’re voluntary in the charity sector, for example the pay on offer varies.

You may be able to juggle your internship and part-time work to make it more manageable, some internships are very well paid, in such cases this won’t be an issue!

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By Roxanne Chand

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