Monday, July 7, 2014

That weekend job is more than a necessary evil

You might think that working while you’re studying or during the summer is just a necessary evil, but there might be more value to that (awful) job than you thought.

I’ve had my fair share of dull jobs. Every time my friends suggested a festival we should go to or a holiday we should go on I knew it was time to sacrifice my evenings and weekends for another three months or so.

When I was in the sixth form I worked in Primark at the weekends. The objective being to raise enough dollar to go to Greece with my friends after our exams. I hated it and I let everybody I knew know about it – all the time. Standing behind a till with a spotlight beaming down on my head and a constant stream of agitated customers for four hours at a time just wasn't my thing. 

It also wasn't the coolest place I could have worked. When I first started I was constantly bombarded by my friends asking ‘Do you actually work in Primark though Katie?’ If they happened to be in town while I was working, they would visit me. By ‘visit’ I mean stand by the side of the tills and throw pity glances at me.

All in all I didn’t really enjoy my time there. But I think I got more out of it than I actually realised at the time. I now had working examples that I could use to back up the claims I’d made in my CV. As opposed to just saying ‘I am reliable and trustworthy’, I could now prove it by saying ‘I was chosen to have the responsibility of cashing up which shows that I am reliable and trustworthy.’ It might sound basic, but it does make a difference.
Also, the holiday was so so worth it.

So if you’re slaving away this summer, remember the greater good. I'm not saying you’ll enjoy it, but you will pick up some skills or values that you can put to good use when you do get a job that you like.  Or failing that, you’ll at least have something to talk about in an interview.

Katie Lloyd
Editorial Intern

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