Friday, August 15, 2014

Having attended STEMinism presents Vodafone earlier this year, FOUR girls were offered internships! We speak to two of them to find out what life is like at Vodafone HQ!

1.    What made you want to apply to Vodafone?
Oishi: The STEMinism event at Vodafone HQ, where I had many insightful conversations with the recruiters and the graduate interns. I learned about the various roles on offer and found this is something suitable for me. Also, the most magnificent and amazing Vodafone campus made me more fond of it.  
Deja: Meeting people that drove the business encouraged me the most, at the STEMinism event I was able to speak to people that work there and also grads that maintain the system and on a daily basis push Vodafone to be one of the biggest telecoms company in the UK.

2.    Any funny stories from the application process you'd like to share?
 Oishi: The assessment day took place the day before my final exam, so I was bit stressed; it meant I had to plan my time effectively to get prepared for both! I only slept for few hours and the moment I finished my last exam I went home to prepare.
Deja: Me and Kamara sat on the train from Birmingham to Newbury in silence trying to prep for the presentation even though we had already done it, we were just nervous.

3.    What's been your favourite part of the job so far?
Oishi: My job role is Radio Access Network (RAN) Assurance. I really enjoyed learning the cell architecture, GSM Network, Channels in air interfaces etc. Also my manager took me to show a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and explained each part of it.  The joy of learning so many new things has been the best part so far.
Deja: So far I have really enjoyed the meetings; everyone that works here is so kind and some of the meeting rooms look like living rooms! Seeing how decisions are made that impact the company has been intriguing as well as discussions with 3rd party companies. (And the Starbucks’s and Costas in every building)

4. Can you sum up the Vodafone campus in three words?
Oishi: Attractive, relaxing, magnificent
Deja: AWESOME, peaceful, caffeinated.

5. What's your favourite gadget?
Oishi: My Samsung smartphone
Deja: I’d have to say smart phones (iPhones in particular) just because the variety of apps is amazing, there is literally an app for everything!

6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Oishi: I love learning new things and also love sharing my knowledge. At some point I really want to become a Professor and would love to teach.
Deja:  I’ve always wanted to be a Rock star and I’m never going to give up on that dream.

7. What's the one thing you can't live without?
Oishi: For the time being, this current internship with Vodafone.
Deja: Smart TV! What is life without Netflix?

8 What’s the best piece of advice you've been given?
Oishi: Be yourself, don't try to be someone else. Give your full hard work on something you really want to achieve.
Deja: You create your own reality so think positive thoughts and by following your intuition you will end up exactly where you need to and want to be.

9. And the worst?
Oishi: Haven't got any bad advice so far!
Deja: Go where the money is.

10. What would be your top tip for girls who want to get ahead in IT?
Oishi: Go for IT, if you really want to. It's a very vast field and honestly it's difficult. If you love it, you are going to enjoy every bit of it.
Deja: TAKE RISKS!  If you’re interested in a job and you think “I can’t do that” do it anyway, you learn by taking chances and you come out with new skills. Learn to except and even celebrate failure because it’s only pointing you a step closer to a better opportunity.  

After the summer Oishi Deb will be starting her second year at the University of Leicester  studying Software and Electronics Engineering. Deja Cespedes is going into her final year at the University of Nottingham. She is studying Computer Science and Management Studies.
- Good luck ladies!

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