Friday, August 29, 2014

TARGETjobs career advice weekly roundup

Hello everyone, welcome to this week's career roundup post.

This week is going to be quite a small post but hopefully you will find the advice useful.

I do not have the usual graduate job or internship opportunities for you this week. However, I do have some great career advice articles you may be interested in reading.

Top tips on being successful when you apply for work experience or an internship. In many cases employers are looking for potential future graduate employees when recruiting students for their placements schemes. Find out more here 'Application advice for work experience placements and internships'

If you're a highly organised graduate with great interpersonal skills, you might be considering a career in management. If this is the career path you have chosen, have a read of our article 'How to get a graduate job in management' for all the hints and tips you need to pursue your dream job.

You've applied for a trainee management scheme and they've called you to interview. What questions might they ask and how do your prepare? Find out here 'How to answer interview questions for graduate management jobs'.

You may be considering your career options right now. If retail is the right path for you, have a read of our retails interview tips to advise you through the recruitment process 'Retail interview tip: study the retailers competition'.

If you aspire to work in the finance world this article is perfect for you 'Acing online application forms for insurance and retail banking graduate jobs' Insurance and retail banking employers' application forms ask you about your motivations for applying, what makes you right for the job and what you've learned over the past few years. Read our essential advice on answering those questions.

That's all from me this week, 
I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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