Thursday, September 11, 2014

Freshers Week : Six things to think about

It's almost that time of the year again: ‘FRESHERS WEEK’, the time to party, enjoy being young and take advantage of the 2 for 1 cocktail!
It’s safe to say as a first year student, you will use far too much of your student loan on alcohol, you will buy clothes you will never wear again and you will leave yourself little money for anything else so you survive on Super Noodles and baked beans for the majority of the year.

I remember those days, and as fun as it was, there are always alternatives to Super Noodles and baked beans. So here is my advice…

1.       Budget properly
You need to work out your finances. I know it’s thrilling seeing that large sum of money in your bank account. However, it’s there to pay your rent, buy your food and support you through your university course for the term. I know it’s exciting and you want to be out with your friends, but having a clear idea of where your money is going will enable you to have a great first year.

2.       Attend freshers fair
Now, I am not just telling you this because our marketing team at TARGETjobs will be attending, although we will be and we hope you say hello! I advise you to attend because you will be given a variety of freebies such as money off vouchers and even the odd kitchen utensil. You will also be able to join societies that may one day help with your career.

3.       The first year does count
You may have heard many people say ‘first year doesn't count, so my grades don’t matter’.
Your first year prepares you for the work load in your second and third year. Use it as a practice run and organise your work schedule. Balance your study and social life and you will have a great university experience.

4.       It’s not all about alcohol
Don’t feel the pressure to drink if you don’t want to. You can still have fun and not drink!

5.       What happens in freshers… stays in freshers
Don’t let drunken stupidity rule your year. We all make mistakes, and in freshers week there will be plenty of people doing things they will regret. But you will get over it, and move on. Of course, these foolish antics are best avoided, but if you happen to be in this particular situation just know you won’t feel embarrassed forever and it will soon be forgotten.

6.       Love every minute of university
Three years at university flies by, so make sure you enjoy yourself. Put your studying first and remember why you’re at university in the first place! That doesn't mean you can’t go out and have a good time, it just means you’re being responsible and prioritising your future. 

By Roxanne Chand
Digital Marketing Executive

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