Sunday, September 28, 2014

One of the 2014 winners of the Undergraduate of the Year Awards tells why YOU should enter for 2015!

Last year I won the Engineering Undergraduate of the Year Award sponsored by EON!

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking of applying yourself and I definitely encourage you to do so! I applied pretty much on a whim, I received and email and thought I might as well have a shot!

The initial stage of the application is some situational online tests, there a quite  a few of these, so persevere and don’t leave them until the last minute as you might run out of time!

If you are lucky enough to get through, the next round is an assessment day at the EON training facility. This is an interesting day, you will meet some of the other candidates and EON employees. The other candidates were great company, really interesting to talk to and makes the day less daunting! The assessment is a good experience, it includes a number of different tasks, some of which 
I found harder than others.

If you attend the assessment day, you then have a good chance of going to the awards ceremony, as the final top ten candidates are all invited. It’s a very impressive venue, Canary Wharf’s East Wintergarden, with an impressive host, Sir Trevor MacDonald! You are very well looked after at the ceremony, great food and conversation and it is a great opportunity to meet a huge range of students.

Alan Middup, MEng Mechanial Engineering, University of Sheffield
Engineering Undergraduate of the Year Award, winner

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