Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More mature? Worked in a different field? Wanting to get into the City? Follow FinanceInterns 3 part guide!

Finance Interns understands that not everybody whom wants to work in the City is of college/university age. Some may be looking to get into the finance industry having spent a number of years working in another sector. Indeed, we've answered heaps of personal emails from such individuals looking for pointers in how they can even begin to break into the markets at a later stage in life. Thus we've put together all of our tips into one place - broken down into three separate blogs. 

Part 1 \ What's your story and what do you want?

You have to get your pitch together. This includes a CV obviously but also your verbal introduction when you meet somebody relevant or are lucky enough to get 'warm' referral to. 
This may take time and a few misfires (e.g. a meeting where you realise you don't actually like the role) but is a crucial process to clarify what skills and expertise you bring, and importantly, what you are looking for. 

Why you need to know what you want

If you don't know, then you won't know who to approach nor what to ask for, which makes it harder for a potential employer to say, "yes, I want you for this role".

Who and where is actively hiring right now?

Compliance as a function is hiring big time across the street - following large regulatory fines for the likes of HSBC and Standard Chartered. You could target such roles specifically via headhunters and job boards, such as a efinancialcareers and Cityjobs. If they manage to secure you an interview, go for it, as no interview is ever a waste of time. 

Networking events

September/October are when all the Careers Fairs start running in London so there would be no harm attending theses, although you may be older than the majority of attendees - this maturity will make you stand out and probably ensure you have the confidence to approach more stand representatives in person. 

You will also be in the fortunate position, unlike most students in attendance, whereby you can actually exchange business cards rather than ask for a business card. If you don't have a card, you need to get some made with an appropriate title representative of your experience/current role. You should then meticulously follow up on every business card you get - whether it's somebody in HR, a front office representative, whomever. Every single one may just be the right contact, or be able to introduce you to the right contact. Add them on LinkedIn, email them, call them if you haven't had a response. Most people like to receive a phone call as it strikes off 'response to that guy's email' from their 'To Do list' . 

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