Friday, February 20, 2015

Could you be a ThoughtWorker?

Caroline has been working at ThoughtWorks for two and a half years since meeting them at IT's not just for the boys! in 2012.

Name: Caroline Kok
University: University of Sheffield
Degree: Computer Science
Event attended: IT's not just for the boys! 2012

I applied to the event because I was not sure if I wanted to continue in the IT industry. There was not a lot of diversity on my course and I could not see myself working in an IT crowd-esque office. I was really surprised when an email got sent round the computer science department advertising the IT’s not just for the boys! event, immediately my interest was peaked.

After enjoying a pleasant morning in London (why not!), I arrived at the event. I had never seen so many girls (or women, whichever one you prefer) interested in IT in one place before, it was definitely an enlightening experience!  I met so many nice people there, some of whom became my colleagues at ThoughtWorks.

I thought the event had a really good selection of speakers, and it was good to see the diversity of the careers you can get into within IT, some that I had not really considered.

After the panel was over it was time for the networking. I thought this was the most important part.There were so many interesting people to speak
with, both employers and fellow students.

It was there that I met my current employer. ThoughtWorks offered me an internship in their London office. I would definitely recommend doing an internship! In fact, I wish I had gone to the event in my penultimate year, rather than in my final year. I think experiencing what it’s really like working for an IT company is invaluable.  

With the experience I have got now, I know that I want to be a programmer. I cannot see myself in a non-technical role. Back then I wasn’t so sure, in fact I did not think much of myself as a programmer! It took the internship to relieve me of that conviction.

I have been working as a Software Developer for ThoughtWorks for 2,5 years. I can genuinely say that it is a very fun and rewarding job. I am on my third project currently, I love getting stuck into new problems and learning new technologies. IT is definitely the place to be if that is your kind of thing!

Does this sound like you? Join us for the next event on 20 March!

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