Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jennifer proves that being pro-active is the key to success!

Name: Jennifer Brett
University: University of Birmingham
Course: Economics
Event attended: IT's not just for the boys! November and Nottingham 2014

I attended TARGETjobs IT’s not just for the boys! event in November 2014. My reason for attending was simply to gain an insight into the industry and the kind of opportunities that it could offer. Personally, the best part of the day was the opportunity it gave me to network with recruiters in an informal, relaxed environment.

At the event, I was very impressed with GE, the representatives were very enthusiastic about their work and informed me of the excellent structure of their rotational programs. The event allowed me to have a great general chit-chat with them about their work and the kinds of attributes they look for in candidates. Upon leaving the event, I felt as though the culture at GE would be one, where I could really fit in.

The event was very insightful and had been much more useful than other careers events I have attended in the past, afterward, I felt enthusiastic about my future and applying for jobs in the technology sector. A few days later, I received an email from GE encouraging me to apply. I applied straight away and soon received an invite for the online testing. The testing was challenging, but it was best to be confident about your answers and go with your gut feeling. A few weeks later, I also received emails from IBM and CHP Consulting following up from the event, but GE had been quick to respond and I progressed through to the final stage within a month or so. In January, I was offered an opportunity to begin a year placement with GE as an ITLP Intern.

I believe that being successful was partly due to being pro-active. I followed up with the people I had met at the event on LinkedIn and I did extensive research on the company to ensure that the role was right for me, throughout my interview, my passion about working for the company showed.

My best advice is to be confident and self-aware, I do not come from a technical background, I studied Economics at University but didn’t let this hold me back. Be confident about the skills you have built upon throughout your study and through extra curricular activity, and demonstrate how you can relate these skills and experiences to the particular job you are applying for!

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