Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Top tips for the TARGETjobs Events application process

Hi, I’m Nakita and I’m a junior project manager at TARGETjobs Events. I’ve been at TARGETjobs for just over a year and I have some great tips for the TARGETjobs events application process.

The application process for attending a TARGETjobs Event is pretty straightforward. You will be required to complete an online application form and, if you fit the criteria, have a telephone interview. The two stages have been broken down below to help you gain a better understanding of both stages.

Application form
  • Before submitting your application form it is important that you read the application criteria, usually found on the overview page of each event’s website. You also need to ensure that your CV is no more than two pages long.
  • The application form is the first step of the application process. It consists of providing personal details, your current university details and your predicted/achieved grade. The next section involves a 200 word covering letter. This is probably the most important section as it usually determines whether you will be invited to attend a telephone interview. You have been given the chance to show why you would like to attend so take advantage of it! This should include how you will make the most of the opportunity and what work experience or activities you have done to show your passion for the specific sector you are interested in.
  • Once you have submitted your application form, one of the TARGETjobs Events team will be in touch via email, letting you know whether you have been successful.   
  • If you have been unsuccessful, do not be discouraged from applying again. Our events are usually very popular and it is more than likely we will have more than one per year.

Telephone interview
  • If you have been invited to attend a telephone interview, – well done!
  • Our snazzy interview booking tool allows you to choose an interview time that suits you, which means we're expecting you to be prepared and ready for our call.
  • How you answer the phone sets the tone instantly for the interview, as it's our first interaction with you as a person, not just as a CV. Consider your greeting;: beginning with 'good morning/afternoon, this is Nakita speaking' will instantly make you sound prepared and confident, and create a much better first impression than a 'hey' or, as I have experienced, 'what?'. Not the best way to start. Equally, you want to finish your interview on a positive note, so have a question or two prepared (but not 'when will I hear from you?') and thank the interviewer for their time. Most importantly, be yourself! You’ve been offered this chance because you’re the kind of person the interviewer is looking for, so relax, be confident and let your knowledge and motivation for the job/event/sector shine through!
  • The interview will usually consist of questions regarding why you would like to attend and what you have done previously to show your passion for the specific sector you’ are interested in.

Our events are an amazing opportunity for you to meet some fantastic companies and graduate recruiters – don’t miss out and apply today! Check out all of our upcoming events on the TARGETjobs Events website.