Monday, August 3, 2015

Why you should be an early bird!

We have some great events coming up this autumn providing you with a chance to meet some of the biggest graduate employers. Here’s why you should beat the rush and get your applications in now!
Early bird gets the worm!

·        Just like buying tickets for a festival, you are much more likely to secure a place on the event if you get your application in early and beat those last-minute Larrys!

 ·        Secure an early interview slot and you could land an early place on the event this will set you apart from everyone else! It gives you time not only to prepare for the interviews, but also to research the event partners and the graduate schemes they offer, putting you in a better position to land your dream job!

·        It gives you more time to research who is going to be there. Find out what exactly they have on offer, research as much as you can and prepare your questions – this will put you in a great position when applying for grad schemes as you will know exactly where you want to go and what you want to apply for. It will also make you stand out to the event partners you are interested in if you know what you’re talking about, which could help to secure you a place on their scheme.

·      What else do you have to do? It’s the summer! OK, so apart from your part-time, full-time or multiple jobs. Get your applications in early so that you have secured your place before you go back to uni. This way you won’t get distracted from your work or vice versa. You don’t want your application to get put to the bottom of your priority list and before you know it find you’ve missed your chance to meet graduate recruiters who could open that door to the start of a great career!

Applications are now open for Explore Sky, IT’s not just for the boys, Future Female Engineers and Women in Investment Banking, so why wait? Be an early bird and get your application in now at