Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Read Joe's second post and find out what is troubling him this week:  

Hi Guys it’s me again and it would seem that I may have lost my Zen.

Why you ask? Glad you did. The reason for my increased blood pressure [aside from my daily battle on the first capital connect trains] is the fact that things are taking off at a Usain Bolt like speed.

For a start up company, this may not seem like a problem. It may appear as if I am tooting my own horn, but rest assured that even though I am happy with the progress, the main issue is that as a start up, there is simply not enough man power. We have brilliant ideas but not enough staff to implement them all in a timely fashion and not enough money to pay for the extra hands.

Currently, the studentmoneysaver, is manned by three pairs of arms [excluding myself]. We have one editor/social media manager, one head of strategy and one guy who is a bit of a wunderkind when it comes to video marketing. Whilst they are all geniuses in their own right, the fact remains that often things get missed as none of the staff are yet to have mastered the art of freezing time or cloning oneself – disappointing really.

There is only one insta-solution to this conundrum and it is…drum roll please…INTERNS.  They pop in for a couple of weeks, lend a hand and then pop right back out again. This is only a short-term resolution but it is the best one we’ve got because interns will work in exchange for that priceless remuneration that is ‘experience’. However, in keeping with that pesky thing known as ‘employment legislation’ there is a thin line betwixt interning and thinly veiled slavery. With this in mind, we have to keep shelling out the big bucks to fund the extra hands but as a start up, this means that we have to forgo making any actual profit [for now that is]

So therein lies my current dilemma: do I REALLY stretch my pennies and exchange my daily meals for another full time intern or do I urge my current staff to master the ancient arts? Something tells me that they MAY struggle with the latter.

Now where IS my next intern…?

If you want to intern with StudentMoneySaver as an online sub editor apply here.
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