Friday, February 3, 2012

TARGETjobs news roundup


We’re back! This week we run you through the who’s, the how’s, and the why’s of this week’s graduate job news; the news that matters to you.

Leading developments this week was coverage of the property and construction sectors; with a pair of interesting stories for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the built environment. 

There were also events in other sectors though, with finance and law both joining in the fun.
But in a week dominated by bold statements, there was still a lot going on in general graduate employment news.
  • For example, we compared two different sets of survey results to see whether there was a clash of opinions between employers and would-be employees. Employers were not satisfied with the standard of applicants, but the majority of graduates believe they are suitable for the graduate jobs they are looking for.
  • News in from PwC – one of the most popular graduate recruiters – underlined this trend, suggesting that their applications were up by 33%, with increased interest from women and younger undergraduates.
  • BP also announced an increased graduate intake. The 50% expansion means that the oil and gas company will be recruiting up to 250 graduates this year, in addition to 130 interns and sandwich year placement students.
  • But if that’s shaken your faith a little, don’t panic. We put together our own antidote. Follow these six little pointers for increased work experience confidence. Enjoy!
  • Finally, we rounded off the week with a graduate jobs deadline roundhouse. With an esoteric mix of interesting jobs, there are some in there that you might not even have thought of before. Check out the latest jobs here.
This post was written by Ross Wittenham, TARGETjobs Editorial Assistant. 

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