Friday, September 27, 2013

Ei has been to 3 of our TARGETjobs events and loved them all, read her thoughts, hints and tips!

About me
Name:  Ei Nge Htut         
University: Newnham College, Cambridge
Course: Law

Events attended:
1. TARGETjobs Law – December 2011
2. City law for ethnic minorities – June 2012
3. Women in Investment Management – November 2012

Why did you apply?
I applied for the first law event because I wanted to find out more about a career in commercial law. After attending my university law fair as a fresher, I came away more confused than well informed! Therefore, I thought that a structured, one day event would be a great way to get the specific information I needed. The opportunity to network with representatives from major law and investment management firms seemed too good to pass up. As I had such a positive experience on my first event, I continued to apply for various TARGETjobs events. For these later ones, a real drawing point was the case study or commercial awareness exercises. Although they seemed intimidating at first, I wanted to get used to problem solving on the spot, with a commercial mindset. I thought these group exercises would also be a good trial run for future assessment days.

What were your goals for the day?
My main goal was to ask as many questions as possible. It was really useful to research the firms that I would be meeting. I prepared general questions on the working culture, quality of training and type of work on offer. This enabled me to compare firms quite easily during the application process. For my favourite firms, I did more in depth research, reading up on recent deals or mergers so I could ask interesting questions that reflected my commitment. For these sessions, formal business attire is a must. It is also helpful to have your own notebook on hand so you can take detailed notes throughout the day on each firm. I had a large notebook reserved for these types of events and open days - it was my personal bible during the application process.
It can be nerve racking to network or present on the spot but try to participate as fully as possible. Being well informed of current affairs is important and particularly useful in the presentation exercises.  Group situations can be challenging and almost impossible to prepare for – just be yourself, be assertive and get your opinions across clearly, without overshadowing other members of the group.

                                               Tips for on the day?
1. Make full use of the networking sessions.Talk to trainees about working life and their experience of the application process – these anecdotes are invaluable!
2. Follow up on contacts made. Contact representatives one or two days after the event, thanking them and asking any follow up questions.
3. Get to know other students on the event. These events are more enjoyable when you have a rapport with fellow students – be friendly!
4. Put yourself forward. Be the spokesperson for your group – don’t be shy!
5. Don’t forget about graduate recruitment. Ask all those burning questions about the application process.

What did you learn?
Commercial awareness is a skill that must be developed over time. It is about analysing the information you have from your client’s perspective to achieve the best possible solution.

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