Friday, September 13, 2013

TARGETjobs National Student Challenge Winner! Do you have what it takes?

Full name: Katharina Gammel
Age: 23
University attended: Aston University
Course studied: International Business and Management

I entered the TARGETjobs National Student Challenge following an e-mail about the competition from TARGETjobs. Initially I thought it was great practice for numerical testing which obviously all employers use as part of their recruitment process; I didn't really think that I was actually going to make it to the big final! The final was an amazing day, we had to complete different tasks as teams of 10 students which I am sure will be extremely beneficial for future assessment centers  I really enjoyed the activities and getting to know the other participants who were from all kinds of universities and courses from all over the UK. We also had the chance to talk to the sponsors and ask them questions about their graduate programmes as well as their recruitment processes. I thought the whole day was more fun than competition, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the amazing Siemens building where the final was held.

Top tips from the winner
For the first round I would say the most important thing is to practice. It’s all about speed, and you get quicker at the different tasks by practicing. This is not only valuable for this particular competition but for any numerical testing you will have to do when applying for jobs!  For the final, I think the most important advice is to not take the whole experience too seriously. Of course, at the end of the day it’s a competition, but the employers who rate you during the group tasks will see if you’re cooperating with others and how you work in a team, so trying to do everything on your own will not get you on to the podium with this competition. It’s important to have fun throughout the day and to see the activities as a learning experience. I really enjoyed myself throughout the day and I think that’s a big reason why I won in the end!

The last year:
Since winning the competition I was busy completing my final year at Aston University and applying for a place to do my Masters degree. I used the money I won to apply to different universities all over Europe, and I am going to start my MSc in a few weeks in Barcelona. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to complete my internship with Siemens yet, but I already know that I have to do another placement as part of my Masters degree which I am planning to do with Siemens – it’s an amazing company to work for so I’m excited for it!
In the near future I obviously want to complete my MSc which I will do in Barcelona and another exchange university outside Europe. Afterwards I am obviously going to try and find employment; maybe I can stay with Siemens after my internship next year; if not I am going to try and get a job at the Rio Olympics in 2016 as I spent my placement working for the London Olympics in 2012 and I’d love to do it again!

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