Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Got your place booked for IT's not just for the boys event? Zoe attended last year, read her top tips to prepare!

Name: Zoe Redfern
University: University of Lincoln
Course: Mcomp Computer Information Systems (Year 4)
Event attended: IT’s not just for the boys!

Why did you apply?
I applied to IT’s not just for the boys! after reading about it via Twitter and honestly thinking that it would not only help me with my confidence levels and self-esteem; but also how to approach the time when it comes to applying for graduate jobs. I found the life coach extremely useful and it made me feel a lot better about being a minority studying IT.

How did you prepare?
After being accepted on to the attendance list for the event I researched all the companies that were attending and looked at what opportunities they all had to offer in the specific areas that I was interested in. Being involved with Microsoft since my second year (Microsoft Student Partner and Windows 8 Student Ambassador); I was especially interested in their graduate programs and whether my extra-curricular efforts would be of interest to them. I made a list of questions for each of the companies and then a list to ask the recent graduates that were on each of the schemes at each of the companies. It was great to hear things from a female perspective as well as to learn that not all of them had an IT or Technology based degree.

I was already going to wear business style dress as all the sponsors were attending. I submitted a question to the panel and mine was chosen to be read out. (I asked for advice on how a female in technology can make her mark in the years to come.)

Do you have any preparation tips?
1) Research the companies that are attending!
2) Be armed with a pen and paper
3) Go with questions that you aim to get answers to
4) Be interested in all the opportunities that are available (speak to everyone you can and make the most of this)
5) Aim to keep a good posture and facial expression throughout. You will meet lots of fascinating people who would also love to hear about your experiences and career goals.

What did you learn?
How to present myself in interviews and that it’s actually a great thing to be part of a minority! The event did absolute wonders for my self-esteem and confidence going into the most stressful part of my degree.

There are still places left for the events in October and November!  APPLY NOW!

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